<- About the game ->

You play as 'Dice'.

Use Tools to Solve Riddles and Climb through the Level.

But there is a catch!

'Dice' can only use the Tool corresponding to his front-facing Side and it changes every time they Jump.

<- Controls ->

Displayed ingame (switch between mouse and keyboard and gamepad using the buttons)

Move = AD/Arrow Keys/Left Stick
Jump = Space/A 
Tool = F/Right Shift/X
Exit = Esc/Start

<- Closing Notes ->

This game has been a blast to make! Sadly... we didn't get to everything we wanted to include (our schedules didn't allow for all of those 50 hours) and also had to rush our level creation process slightly. So we thought we'd give you an insight in what we planned but couldn't add:

  • Slimey Surface (slowing objects and the player)
  • Bounce Pad (allowing for huge jumps)
  • Additional use cases for all Tools
  • An DnD like artwork to the right (don't even ask what our original idea was)
  • Particle Effects for all kinds of Interactions
  • Background Music and Various Sounds
  • Tool Hold button for those times you don't want to swap Tools

<- WARNING! ->

A few levels have some problematic Boomerang throws, might need some tricky maneuvers to get it right. And in Level 1-5 the end can't be reached. Sorry


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Love the gameplay mechanics. :D

But ocasionally getting stuck while hopping around at the edge of blocks.

got stuck between the destructible door and the wall